Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Causes Worth Looking For and Supporting

Have you ever just stumbled upon something you thought was pretty cool? Like a product, perhaps? I have done this so many times and I have loved every single outcome. All of them have been products that sell for a good cause. Some are very well known and others not so much. I think that people who choose to help others for their careers are so important to society. What would so many of us do without them? Most of the products with a cause that I am talking about are ones that operate somewhere else in the world, but let's not forget about the ones in our backyard too. I mean people like teachers, firefighters, police officers, and the like. What would we do without their passions to help those who need it?

Now to talk specifically about a few causes that I think are totally awesome and whose creators deserve not just one cookie but a whole box of cookies with a gallon of milk. (That's a pretty big deal for those of you who just don't realize how awesome cookies and milk are.)

Here's the first one:

Krochet Kids International

What do these GUYS do? Well, let me tell you!
Or better yet, just go to the site and check it our for yourself. It's so cool... I wish I knew these guys in high school.

Number Two:

Pura Vida Bracelets

Not only are these bracelets adorable, fun, and comfortable to wear (I am the proud owner of the Breast Cancer Style Pack, it is October, you know) but the causes that this company reaches exceeds those of a lot of others. You can pick a bracelet and support almost every cause you are passionate about. I know a couple of others I will get to here in a bit.

Number 3:


Now who doesn't know what these are? Shoes, of course! And for every pair that you purchase a child who doesn't have a pair gets one as well. It's that simple. And I like simplicity.