Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yarn Along the Rockies Day 1, Saturday, September 21

My sister and I recently participated in Colorado's annual yarn crawl titled Yarn Along the Rockies. It was an absolute blast! I had so much fun visiting 22 shops I had never been to be before. Only 23 participated... its hard to get around when you live out in the boonies. My LYS is 30 minutes away while all the others are 45 minutes or more. But anyway, I found some AWESOME shops that, despite the drive, I WILL be visiting again.
James and I decided to be all into social media while we did the #YATR2013 and tweeted at every shop we went to and posted a photo. I think Twitter is the only place I can let my true dork shine through because none of my friends are aware that I have an account. I can tweet about how much I love squeezing yarn and no one will be like, "Chick is weird..."
Check out all my tweets: @ryanpagehaas

So in lieu of my recent gallop around the state here is a review of all 23 LYS:
(Please remember that I enjoyed EVERY shop and wish I could give a more comprehensive review of each place, but I was on a time limit and spent around 30 minutes per shop. I wish I had carried a notebook with me so I could have made notes about all the things I loved, the yarns they carried, unique items, and so on. Each store had much to offer and my small remarks are notes catered to me to jog my own memory of each shop.)
This is my favorite place to go. They have an awesome selection of yarns, hip knit gear, and tons of notions. I especially love the handcrafted by Heather stitch markers of every Big Bang Theory character. So creative and so fun. They also carry a great selection of books. When I said earlier that this place is hip, I mean it. They are cool young chicks who like to knit and aren't afraid to say it. I never saw another store that carried shirts that say, "I learned to knit in prison." ♥
This sweet store is located in the high tops of Old Colorado Springs. The street is such a fum street to be on. We got there, found parking relatively easily and walked a block or two to the store. It's a nice shop with a nice selection of yarns. I thought they had a fun selection of sock yarns. The staff was welcoming as was the feel in the store. My sister purchased some lovely tweed for fingerless gloves that she is making for her coworkers. The store was nice, but because it was an hour fifteen away I do not see myself making the drive just to go there. Now if I was in town already, I would definitely hit it up!
Green Valley Weavers and Knitters
I liked this store as well. It was about 5 blocks down from Needleworks and we passed a Dairy Queen on the way, SCORE! (We walked, obviously.) This store was doing a sale on different yarns each day of the crawl. MAJOR SCORE! Plus they had a cute kitten hanging out. Again, they have a great selection, tons of roving, and are organized so nicely. I almost pur hased some Mountain Top Chalet for my Oatmeal Pullover, but the bulkies were on sale tomorrow...

This store is purple. You can't miss it. Purple. Besides the purple, they have a nice selection of sock yarn, tons of books, a room with a huge table for local knitters/crocheters to hang out, and a small but nice selection of other yarns. They were the only place we visited that did not have buttons yet! My bag has all 23 buttons except for this one.
A round up of the Colorado Springs participants: they are nice stores but I don't find myself wanting to make any special trips down to see them. I haven't any complaints except the distance which is my fault, not theirs.
Table Rock Llamas
I loved this store. It's in a cabin in the woods. The woods that recently burned down by the way. You can see how close the fire was to this store as the trees right next to the building are black. Inside they have a beautiful cowl called the Black Forest Cowl and all proceeds from the pattern are donated to help victims of the fire.
I love yarn shops that are in homes because I love wandering the rooms feeling yarn. The staff here was so nice and they gave me the most compliments on my new FO Poolside (my first time wearing it). Black Forest is about 45 minutes from my place and I know I would head down here just to see what's new. ♥
Colorful Yarns
OMG! Love! So much yarn, so many brands I love, so many knit knacks! This was about an hour from me (due to traffic) but because they carry SweetGeorgia and tons of MadTosh I would make the special trip. I could have spent all afternoon in this place. Oh! They also had Baah! yarn and the only other place I have seen this is Serendipity in BV. So if you can't tell already I will be coming again. I just wish the location wasn't a fuddy duddy office building. It throws me off a bit. ♥
Knitty Cat was, and yes I am saying was, right down the street by a couple miles from Colorful Yarns. This store is going out of business. I'm sure they were a great store at one point but since they are basically using the yarn crawl to eliminate what's in stock it was kind of a bust. Obviously I won't be coming back here.
Same thing. We tried to go to the address given and there was an empty store. Note on the window telling us to go to another store where you can find Zen Knitting located inside. The YATR2013 info also said they were open until 6... well we got there at 5:30 and someone was still inside so we collected our stamps and buttons. We were informed that they were closed so we didn't even look around, just left, and didn't even tweet about it. Sorry to be inconvenient.
No photo here, ya'll.

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