Friday, October 4, 2013

YATR2013 Day 2, Sunday, September 22

I would have to say that this day was my most favorite day. There really wasn't a store that I went into that I didn't love. I was exhausted, but my senses came alive the moment I walked into the first store of the day. I forgot to mention that I also got my PSL from Starbucks that morning which makes everything all sunshine and rainbows!

On my! I did not want to leave this store. I loved it! They had so much yarn. Good yarn too! Endless shelves with so much to touch. All arranged by weights. This was the first place I broke down and bought yarn. (I had a 200 dollar limit for the crawl and I won't buy it unless I know what pattern it will be for.) So here I bought yarn for Jane Richmond's Grace. I'm trying to decide if I should save it for next years #SSKAL.
This is a room inside a vacuum store. Odd location but ya do whatcha gotta do. I like alpaca yarn. A lot. She had roving from her own alpacas where she boards in, that's right, Elizabeth, CO! I knew I wasn't the only awesome thing there! The roving was so soft and pretty but I haven't learned to spin yet. Guess I'll add that to my list!
This store was in a strip mall in the middle of a subdivision. If I lived in that subdivision I would be here all the time. She had a sale table, a table where ladies were knitting, my kind of table, and a small but decent selection. This was a lovely place but I wouldn't find myself calling my sis to say, "Hey, wanna go there today?"
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"It's Lamb Chops play along where kids come to play along and fun things are all we ever do!" There was a Lamb Chop puppet. Get it? LambShoppe, Lamb Chop? Clever, but I don't think the gal appreciates how nostalgic and special Lamb Chop is to a certain generation. I was all excited to see Lamb Chop and I think she thought I was SpEd.
But that is all besides the point! Her Cascade selection had to of been similar to the production factory. Colors galore, a step ladder to reach the unreachable, nooks and crannies stuffed with yarn, tables to knit at, patterns, and yes, COFFEE! To come here again? Oh yes. ♥
Well, if you show Ingrid the tweet,  Ingrid will give you a treat! I got the cutest little stitch markers. I love them. Only downside to this place is I didn't get to see any of the yarn. My sis parked illegally while I ran in to get buttons, stamps and tweeted treats. Parking in Downtown Denver is no bueno. I wanted to look around but couldn't without paying 15 dollars for parking. Next time I pamper myself or have tea at the Brown Palace I will come back. They are right around the corner!
Wild Yarns in Threads
This place had its difficulties in finding parking as well. It didn't help that there was a Rockies game that afternoon. But we found a spot a block and a half away. We walked into this tiny store and size did not matter! The combination of yarns and handmade things of every kind was incredible. I fell in love with a copper necklace that I left behind because I can count of one hand the times I have worn necklaces in the last year. Donna Seex's hand-dyed yarns are in abundance here and they are beautiful! I purchased squirrel and acorn stitch markers which even my hubby thought were cool. Score! ♥
This store was very homey feeling and I loved the location: Olde Wadsworth. I always think stores are more fun when they are located in old parts of town. Well, when the old parts of town are still nice. This place had coffee as well and was very cutely organized. They had a great selection of books as well as yarn. I obviously loved these little stitch markers and had to buy a set. I would come here again, but not if I wasn't already in the area. (Darn this rural living sometimes!)
 This was a really fun place to go. I enjoyed the fun selection of fabric. They also had a great stock of MadelineTosh and more colors than I had ever seen of Wool Ease Thick & Quick. They offered sewing and knitting classes so for one who enjoys both, but is only moderately good at one, this is a fun thing to offer. The examples of the sewing projects were adorable and I would make the drive to do a class with a sister or friend. It was here that I also found the greatest bumper sticker ever made: I SNIFF YARN. I tried to get my sis to do yarn sniffing vine videos with me and she truly thought I was a nut. We probably wouldn't have made it as big as BatDad, but yarn sniffing girls would be funny for my own entertainment and maybe a few select others. ♥
I enjoyed the funky feel of this yarn shop. Everything seemed a bit funky about it. From the yarns they carried, to the patterns, and the fabric here. This is the only shop that I noticed that carried Quince & Co yarn. I've been wanting to test this yarn out but haven't taken the time to order it. It's hard to buy yarn if you don't know how it feels or what the color really looks like. So I will be coming back here at some point to purchase yarn. It was also at this store that I finally found my jewel of the yarn crawl: ISLAND. I had asked and looked at several stores already and had not found a copy. I also got the cutest mitten pattern. ♥
Our day 2 is done and so are we. Pooped, hungry, and overwhelmed by all the deliciousness we had experienced the past two days. But, yes, we are planning on being at it again tomorrow.

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