Saturday, October 5, 2013

YATR2013 Day 3 (The FINAL Day) Monday, September 23

Here my worn out sister and myself entered our final day of crawling. And yes, by this time, we were truly crawling. Enjoying it all but truly worn out from rushing all over the state the last two days. We had tons of fun but were glad to be finished.

Knit Knook
Coffee and yarn. Coffee and yarn. COFFEE AND YARN! For being the first place we stopped at for the day it was perfect. I got a PSL and got to drink coffee in the cold mountain air and squeeze yarn. What day could start out any better than that!? It was an adorable store with lots of yarn, yummy pastries, and tables where you could enjoy both. Plus the gal there was a joy. Happy, helpful, and did I mention that she made me coffee?

Yarn West
The location of this store is in a nice strip mall in Evergreen. You feel very in the woods when you are here and I like that feeling. The contents of the store itself were not in my taste. I like the more brand name and funky yarns. I'm not much into the pastel, baby, sparkly yarns. It was a nice store, very friendly ladies, but again, not really in my taste. I probably would not come again, even if I was chilling in Evergreen for the day. I think I'd rather go play at the lake house.

Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins
Well, I have very mixed feelings about this particular place. I've always heard it raved on and have been super excited to go. I guess for me a lot of my likability for a shop comes from how it feels. This one kind of felt like a warehouse. The bright white lights and high ceilings, while nice for seeing things how they truly are, are harsh and difficult for me. I like the cozier feeling places. Besides the atmosphere, the yarns were great. They had the largest book section. I enjoyed squeezing all the sock yarn (me and the sock yarn!). If I was a spinner, I know I would come here. It seemed as if they had EVERYTHING one would need to make their own yarn. I'm hoping to get there someday. I need a place where I can keep a sheep and an alpaca, which since my husband keeps hawks, I WILL do someday!

Gypsy Wools
I loved this store! They were tiny. Didn't have a large selection. Really not that much at all, but what they did have was great. Really everything was great. I will come here first when I am in Boulder. I purchased some yarn, the Gypsy Wool brand, for the mitten pattern I picked up at Fancy Tiger. I like the color, but the name truly sold me: Cottonwood Pass. For those that do not know, Cottonwood Pass is the road from Buena Vista, CO to Taylor Park and then to Tin Cup. If you have not been to any of these places you are missing out. Tin Cup is a place that my family goes to yearly. My husband's family has a tiny cabin in the tiny town and it is one of the places we enjoy so much within the state. ♥

Mew Mew's Yarn Shop
Hmmm... Well.... there was a giant octopus thing that looked like a fortune-telling octopus and it kinda creeped me out. Actually, it REALLY creeped me out. That's what I remember most about this place. A giant, creepy, fortune-telling octopus. There was some yarn. Some nice Cascade 220 wool. I did like that part. I didn't see a kitty, which I thought I would based on the name. This place really wasn't my kind of coffee either.

The Recycled Lamb
It was at this store that we completed our journey. We saved this place for last on our last day since they were open the latest. The atmosphere is nice in here. They have A LOT to look at and had sale yarn for us all to enjoy. I purchased some Noro for Felted Slippers. I'm very excited to get these made. I liked all the yarn they carried. Besides, SSS, I think they had the largest selection. I tried to get around to touching it all, but I'm sure I failed. By this point, it was all feeling about the same. They also had more spinning notions than most stores which is nice to look at also even though I don't know how to use any of it.

I think that for next year I will spread my days out more. Three days right in a row was fun, but I want to enjoy each store a little more and make more comprehensive hand written and mental notes about each place. I really did enjoy the whole journey and WILL be doing it again next year. I loved seeing each basket that will be given away from each store and would be super stoked to win any of them. They were all stocked with fantastic prizes and at this point I will just cross my fingers that I will get drawn for any. Plus if I should, then I have the excuse to hit up all the stores around that store again. Thanks again to every store that participated and made the yarn crawl so much fun. I loved seeing every store and the smiles on all the shop owner's faces will be remembered from each one I visited.

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